I started the story with the doctors daughter and jack and john’s daughter. This is going to be fun to write, methinks. Here we go below the cut:

Julie heard shouting down the corridor. She grit her teeth and looked at the lock she was picking. Not her fight, she reminded herself. And having the guards distracted could only help. There was the sound of blaster fire as she got the last bit done. With a satisfied smile the door came open with a click. Just then a blonde woman nearly tripped over her in an effort to get into the room. Julie followed her inside and locked the door again, drawing her blaster. “I take it you’re the one the guards were interested in.”

“Bit of a mixup really,” she smiled broadly. “Help me get to my ship?”
Julie shrugged and tossed her a life support suit. “Was getting tired of this place anyway. Hope you don’t mind using the back door.”

There was pounding on the door. “Not at all. Name’s Jenny.” She grinned with barely contained excitement as she pulled on the gear.

“Julie Harmon.” She locked the helmet, glanced to make sure Jenny was ready, and hit the airlock a moment before the guards burst in.

Jenny took her hand as they tumbled out. She quickly used the direction boosters on the suit to get them in the right direction. Julie grinned herself as they soared towards a little silver ship. Jenny grabbed onto a handle and got the hatch open and they landed inside in a heap. Laughing, Jenny pulled her helmet off. Julie did the same, offering her a hand up. “They’ll be after us in a minute.”

“This can outrun anything they’ve got,” Jenny plopped into the pilot’s seat. “You might want to hang on.”

Stumbling against a bulkhead as the ship’s gravity struggled to keep up, Julie grinned. This was the best way to start an adventure, and with a beautiful woman to boot.