Okay can yall reblog this to share something that’s actually helpful? There are two websites that can assist people with triggers to know whether or not a movie is going to be something they should avoid. The first one is:

Originally created to list whether or not the animals in movies were harmed, it has expanded to list a number of triggering things like people being cut, jumpscares, strobe effects, vomit, deaths of children, and many more. For some categories it links to:

which has a similar format to Does the Dog Die but deals with a variety of sexual themes. It even elaborates on some of the checked categories just to let you know how serious or in what way the category is expressed in the movie.

I don’t like the environment of tumblr scaring people into thinking they don’t have the help or resources they need to live happy and without anxiety unless the right PSA floats across their dash. If there are any other databases anyone knows of that provide more info about media or elaborate upon MPAA ratings, please comment. Let 2018 be a year of empowerment.

some other sources:

common sense media is a generalized and well updated site that gives content warning as a guide to parents, but is also relevant and very helpful if youre looking for your own uses

also all IMDB movie pages have a ‘parents guide’ section that is extremely thorough and gives a description of all potentially disturbing scenes grouped by sex, violence, drugs/alcohol, etc


and wheres the jump is great for horror movies, it gives an exact timestamp and description of any jumpscares in the movie