people who complain about dinosaurs “not being scary anymore” because its been discovered they have feathers and are closely related to/ancestors of birds are so bizarre like

  • its not about how scary they are, they are/were real life animals and what matters is learning more about them, not how well they fit into your science fiction horror film lol
  • can you imagine a 13 foot chicken running at you with full intent to eat you??? thats fucking terrifying holy shit

peacocks are synonymous with vain, frivolous beauty and they will attack cars. they will attack you while you try to get to your car. they’re like six feet of useless feathers and they will destroy you. imagine if they were carnivorous and had functional spurs. 

a t-rex could look like a gay disco ball and i guarantee that you would fucking book it if it had a problem with you



you may ask yourself:

  • how do i work this?
  • where is that large automobile?

and you may tell yourself:

  • this is not my beautiful house
  • this is not my beautiful wife

I’m angry about it! Peggy says no!

Hayley Atwell, when asked about Captain America being Hydra in the 2016 comics
(Megacon 2016)


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There are many people on this website who have the mistaken belief that if you are not lesbian or gay, then you are straight. For a group that preaches about tolerance of their own sexuality, they don’t exactly practice what they preach. Specifically, lately, they have attempted to make the claim that asexual = straight.

That sort of mindset is at best dismissive, and at worst damaging to those of us who have struggled or are still struggling to come to terms with their own sexual orientation.

This post is not for them. They have made up their minds and nothing you or I say will change it. I’m not even looking to know why they think it. They haven’t been able to explain it in a way that makes sense and I’m not going to bother with them anymore because, quite frankly, they’re not worth it. I am, however, going to address three of the points I think they were trying to make.

This post is for you: the asexual, and anyone else who feels like the LGBTQA+ (the aforementioned elitists will try to call it just LGBT) is unaccepting of them because they don’t fall into some neat little category. And while I primarily focus on asexuals and sexual orientation (as opposed to romantic orientation), many of these points apply equally to both.

I want to say this right now. I am asexual and possibly aromantic. And I am damn proud of this. If you are too, or you aren’t sure and you want to talk to someone about it, please feel free to message me. You matter and your orientation is valid.

Because of how long this is, I’m putting it under a read more.

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bucky who can’t quite seem to get over the fact he can pick up mjolnir even though it’s been a good three months since the first time he accidentally plucked it from the ground in avenger’s tower. the hammer itself always seems to be in the most random of places and bucky will walk over to it whenever the opportunity comes along and look around to make sure no one is watching before picking it up again as it expecting one day that he won’t be able to lift it again. except every time it comes off the ground without hesitation and he grins like an absolute idiot because it means more to him than it probably should just that mjolnir deems him worthy at all so that must mean there’s something good about him, right?

and of course tony eventually asks why thor leaves his hammer just sitting around the place and thor simply smiles and says, “because it helps where i cannot.”

and nobody knows exactly what he means by that