Why is Poison Ivy always so hypersexualized she’s basically a magic farmer she should be wearing muddy boots and complaining about how corn subsidies are killing agriculture as well as flora biodiversity in the US

They want her to be a forest nymph instead of the stem field eco-terrorist feminist that she is

…I had to draw it.

It also fits because she’s a lesbian, and lesbians wear plaid jackets.

To be fair, the in-universe explanation is so she can attract rich men who devastate the environment to her so she can murder them.

…that would only work the first few times.

I think you’re underestimating the stupidity of horny men.

The “Secret” To Doing Well in School:




Start on day one and don’t stop until you’re done.

As much as you will want to go hang out with your friends the second you get out of class on the first day, resist it. Head to the library, your room, or wherever else it is you get work done and just do it. On the first day you will have such little work to do that it will seem too insignificant to start right away. However, this helps set up the rest of the semester for you. If you can get in the habit of this before the work load gets daunting then procrastination will no longer be an issue. Sit down after your classes and finish all your work (or make a plan on how to finish it) before you relax. Simple as that. Do that and cramming will no longer be your life. If you think that’s too overwhelming, try challenging yourself to do that for 30 days. After the 30 days it will become a habit!

But maybe you’re of the opinion that procrastination is fine and that you do pretty well regardless. That’s fine. But think of how much easier studying would be if you didn’t procrastinate. By the end of week one you would have all of week one’s material down pat. You would have the opportunity to quickly review in the coming weeks instead of still struggling to learn it all. Then come the weekend before the test you will simply be reinforcing what you already know instead of struggling to have complete knowledge of what you’ll be tested on.

Boom. That A is easily within reach.

The culture behind procrastination unfortunately only ends up feeding the habit. The idea that procrastination is just a thing that everyone does and jokes around about is the worst part. Well, it’s time to take it seriously! There actually is no secret to doing well in school! You already know what you need to do. So start doing it!

this is still one of my favourite posts on here

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As somebody with executive dysfunction issues this is the only that works for me. Doing it now as soon as I walk in the door, or doing something as soon as I roll out of bed is the best way to make sure whatever it is gets done







Hot take: Westley is way too dramatic and Extra ™ to not be bisexual.

He can fence with either hand, if you catch my drift

By this logic, which is utterly impeccable, so is Inigo.

“My name is Inigo Montoya. Prepare to Bi.”

There is a line in the book where Buttercup and Westley are discussing sex and being virginal (or not) and the narrator has this aside like, “He had been a pirate for five years, Things had happened” or something. So yeah. this is just straight up canon.




i love that i have to go to menswear to find a shirt a human being in the world would wear and then when i do it takes me .5 seconds to find it. I love that

me: i need a plain black t shirt

target women’s section: would you like to have a giant scoop neck that would definitely like completely show at least one of your boobs. would you, an adult woman, like to wear a crop top? would you like to look like a human piñata. BLACK? I think you mean jewel tones babey!

target men’s section: yeah sure. it’s the first thing you see as you walk into the shirt aisle. have a good one

Women’s section: would you like a shirt made out of tissue paper that costs $34.99??

Men’s section: here’s 25 normal tshirts for a quarter