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I like to look at the bookmarks people have made of my works – especially then notes they leave.  Anyone can do this – just replace YOURNAME with your AO3 username in the following URLs (note that there are two things to replace per URL) and paste into your browser:

Note: Creators, please don’t feel bad if you do this and don’t get any results. Most AO3 fanworks have 0 or 1 bookmarks, and the rate of recs is far lower – even when bookmarkers leave kudos or comments, or leave a nice note in a bookmark, they often don’t click the rec box.

Warm fuzzies (recs with notes):

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This was amazingly useful – scroll down for more general bookmarks/recs!

Various folks (including the lovely Besina, above) have written to me with good suggestions for how an AO3 bookmarks tool should work… I’ll try to put together a webpage soon (or a browser extension, maybe) where you can view your bookmarks sorted by date or by work!

(I got distracted by writing a script that goes through your Gmail – if you have Gmail – and tallies all the kudos, comments, etc. notifications from AO3 and FFN so you can make a timeline graph.  And/or so you can share your stats with me so I can make aggregate graphs of when people tend to get kudos. 🙂 )

OOOOH! This is cool. I totes need to try this. 😀

Oh god, this is the best ego boost. I’m going through and reading all the bookmarks with comments, and they’re so sweet and funny!

Greg felt his heart sink the further down he read in the newspaper article. The door to his office closed and he jerked upright guiltily, face flushing as he hid the slander behind his back. Mycroft just raised an eyebrow and Greg’s heart sunk further. His lover walked up to him, bending to pull the papers from his unresisting fingers. His face and that of a witness’ bent close together was splashed across the page, and not only did he know how it looked, but the newspaper did too. Mycroft (1/?)

didn’t speak as he read the lies detailing Greg’s and the woman’s sordid relationship, with tips from ‘an inside source’. When he was done, his boyfriend set the paper on Greg’s desk. Greg couldn’t look at him, chest tight and eyes burning. He had gone through this with Anne, though he’d been in Mycroft’s shoes at the time, and he knew how much denials sounded like lies. He opened his mouth to speak, but he didn’t know what to say and closed it again.

Mycroft sat on the edge of his desk and bent down again, though this time, warm, soft hands cupped Greg’s face, tilting it up towards his lover’s. He knew his eyes were a harsh red from his attempts to not cry, but he firmly kept hold of that dark blue gaze, afraid to look away. “I don’t believe that story, Gregory,” Mycroft whispered, voice low and soft. Greg’s heart started and his failure to speak persisted. “You forget, I have eyes everywhere. Even if I did not, I know you, better than they ever will. The day you commit adultery is the day where your choices are that or death.” The hands cupping his face tugged lightly, pulling him from his chair and against the other man’s chest. “The newspaper can spread any matter of lies, that does not make them true, and that does not make me believe them, no matter how much false evidence is presented." 

Greg stared at him for a long moment and then surged forward for a kiss. Mycroft indulged him, sliding one hand from his jaw into his hair, and trailing the other hand down his back to the dip of his spine. Mycroft’s mouth remained as unhurried as it did soft, forcing Greg to slow his frantic pace to one more controlled. His lover’s thick tongue forced him into the pace that Mycroft wanted, and eventually, Greg followed command, kissing to his boyfriend’s lead. When Mycroft finally pulled back, Greg felt light-headed and wrung-out. "I have a car waiting to take us home.” Greg, resting his cheek on Mycroft’s shoulder, clised his eyes and nodded. FIN 

This is Why Black Widow Got Slut-Shamed | Playboy

This is Why Black Widow Got Slut-Shamed | Playboy



Moffat: as for writing the scripts, that usually happens the moment someone sends me an email saying ‘you realise that script was due 3 weeks ago’

This explains so much