“I love that character,” I say as I come up with upsetting headcanons for them. “Absolutely adore them,” I tell you as I bunny up sad story ideas for them. “They’re my favorite,” I sigh as I pick the most depressing songs for a playlist for them.

“I just want them to be happy,” I insist as I write horribly angsty oneshots centered around their misery.

Okay guys, maybe I cracked. Here’s a Mycroft Holmes/Jack Harkness fic. Just because.

Summoned – Jack’s in town, Mycroft summons him to his office for a ‘meeting’.

teaser after the cut

Jack swaggered his way into Mycroft’s office. “You wanted to see me?”

Mycroft adjusted some papers. “I had heard you were in town taking care of some business.”

With a grin, Jack walked over to his desk and leaned on it. “And you wanted to see me?”

“You do so rarely leave Cardiff these days.” Mycroft wetted his lips as he looked up at him.

Reaching over the desk, Jack loosened his tie. “Did you miss me, or something?”

“You are not a man easily forgotten,” admitted Mycroft, holding his eyes as Jack slipped the tie from his shirt.

“Been called a few things in my life,” said Jack, starting on his buttons. “You always sound smarter than everyone else in the room.”

“I am smarter than everyone else in the room.” Mycroft stood and pulled Jack in for a rough kiss.

Jack opened his mouth to him and dropped his coat on the nearest chair. Mycroft pushed down his bracers and pulled him closer by the belt. “You are a bad man, Captain Harkness.”

“Perhaps you should punish me, then, Mister Holmes.” Jack grinned at him.

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