I feel like Greg Lestrade is probably one of those really good bosses. Like, he’s patient, he listens, even if he doesn’t agree (arresting Sherlock). Other people respect his opinion if he goes to bat for someone (the hiker case). Even after everything that happened he still regularly meets up with Anderson to check on him, and we’ve seen he’ll drop everything if one of his people needs him. (Sherlock in HLV)


i desperately want an exasperated Lestrade when John and Sherlock let him in on the fact that they’re a couple, like, “FIIIIIIINALLY GEEZE WHAT TOOK YOU TWO SO BLOODY LONG TO FIGURE THIS OUT?  WE’VE KNOWN FOR LITERALLY YEARS!!!!!! Alright lads, who had 4 years? Sally? Oh well done, mate!” 


if greg saw sherlock as shezza he would have lost his shit because that’s definitely how he was when greg first met him and seeing him like that again would kill him