Sherlock: …maybe I overreacted a bit.

John: A bit? That’s like Napoleon saying, ‘Oooh, I just meant to go for a little walk, but then I accidentally invaded Austria.’




Also: Whenever I hear a guy go “Oooh, but women don’t like porn” i think of the enormous amount of porn in fandom created by women for women and all I can think is: “Well, maybe we just don’t like your porn…”

We like our porn with feelings and character development and regular updates on AO3

this is the best reaction so far. 


What people think writing is like: careful planning and thought out plotlines

What writing is actually like: being possessed by an idea that you are constantly arguing with



I’m 827% positive that the reason Anderson doesn’t think Sherlock is dead is because Sherlock purposefully let Anderson see tiny glimpses of him the past several years, just to screw with his head. Appearing through Anderson’s window in the woods, standing across the street of his favorite coffee shop, leaving small traces of his presence in his office.


Because Sherlock’s a little shit like that.

Headcanon accepted.