Vocally political and liberal Steve Rogers

Fox News has no idea how to handle it because he’s Captain America and he’s literally from the 40’s like how do that handle that

He refuses to go on half of the news shows because they lie

Mostly ends up on the Daily Show, the Colbert Report, and the Young Turks

Starts charities that focus on kids and the poor

Donations to veterans charities go through the roof

Treatment for PTSD in veterans suddenly gets addressed after he admits to being diagnosised with it

Steve Rogers starting a twitter specifically for linking people to horrible news stories and calling news stations out on their lies and scare tactics 

Using his twitter to complain about the state of public news and how it should be a space of change and value and honesty for the American public, and how he’s so ashamed of it all

He accidentally becomes like public face for the new generation of politically savvy people

They make of shirts like WWCD “what would Cap do?”

Tony is thrilled and proud and hires of team of lawyers exclusively to handle the news stations screaming about Steve

Fox news gets slapped with so many libel fines and law suits

Going on a show and regretting it the moment an offensive question or comment comes up and decides he’s completely done and just tears the interviewer a new one.  It goes viral.  

The public face thing is just the start.  It starts this whole new wave of people that shut down offensive shit during interviews and holding their own.

There is a short time period once he turns 35 where there is a rally cry of “Captain America for President” that he gracefully turns down.

But politicians starting courting him, trying to get him to publicly state that they support him because his influence is just so massive, and they keep getting shut down hard

Talks about growing up in the depression when people bring up financial issues – says things like “With all due respect, ma’am, what others may remember as being over 80 years ago was less then 5 ago to me. Things were supposed to get better. Those issues we thought we fixed were supposed to go away – we were supposed to work to a future where it was gone – and instead it seems to be worse then ever.”

And of course he’s a raging feminist and is absolutely appalled when Natasha tells him about rape statistics

Bruce takes a lot of time to fully educate him about the social and medical side of abortions, teaches him about the various birth defects and medical issues the mothers can face, shows him the demographic information of access and need, and Steve is horrified by that too

Then Tony walks him through gay rights and other LGBTQ issues, all of them helping him understand how sexuality can manifest differently and the difference between sex and gender identity

Steve just REAL FUCKIN DONE with everything.

Angrily stands in protest rallies and dares people to start something with peaceful protesters.  Just DARES them.

Rolls his eyes at baby boomer articles about the newer generations.  He’s heard that mess before.  He’s done with it.

Understanding people have problems with medical bills, having been there himself.

Fucking standing up for single mothers becaUSE LIKE WHOA THAT’S HIS MOTHER YOU JUST DISSED.

Steve Rogers hating bullies.  Hates that kids are actually KILLING THEMSELVES because of bullying and people are just “oh boys will be boys” about it and he’s just LIVID. 

I would go into debt to read this comic. This is what Captain America should be. This is what America should be.

cries i want to embrace this post forever

Peaceful protests staying peaceful because when the cops try to start something it doesn’t matter how many of them there are, Steve’s there and he will shut them down, but more than that: Steve gets pepper sprayed. Steve gets chemical burns. Steve on shaky iphone video blind and disoriented and still using his body to protect others as the cops close in. And suddenly the heroes who stay back because they don’t want to get involved – because they shouldn’t use their powers ‘like that’ start showing up in droves.

Peter gumming up the smoke and pepper bombs before they go off. Thor becoming a one man blockade. Natasha working with organizers to help plan for escapes if things do go badly. Tony’s not only keeping Cap up to date – he’s putting considerable money behind the political candidates who will actually work to improve things, because we all know you need money to represent at the polls. They’re not there attacking the police – even if the officers are being assholes, they understand they have a job to do and often bad orders – but they will protect the protesters who have done nothing but show up.

And the more they do, the more heroes join in. Because it’s not just about using your powers against the mighty evil empire Strexx or taking down some guy calling himself the Boomerang. It’s about making sure you want to keep living in the world you keep saving.





Hopefully Sulu being gay will mean that Lucasfilms will feel like they have to one up Star Trek and add more gay characters. A chain reaction of making every character LGBT+ just because of rivalry.  

This is the space race we want.




we all know john and sherlock are gonna kiss, but consider this: kiss scene bloopers.


Their noses bump. Ben bursts into hysterical giggles. Martin sighs and crosses his arms, waiting patiently (in character) for Ben to stop. Finally he says, “Are you nearly done, sweetheart?”

They have another go, but as soon as their lips touch, Ben has to sneeze. He pulls away quickly, apologizing all the way. Martin sits this time.

They get it going at last. Without thinking, Ben’s hands drift to Martin’s butt. Martin is caught off guard and breaks the kiss. “Oi–buy me dinner first! Bloody cheek!”

Martin tries something different in the next take–a little moan. This time, Gatiss (who is just off camera with headphones on) bursts out laughing. Martin throws his hands up in despair.

They try again, but they just can’t get coordinated. Hands are at cross purposes and heads are tilting in the same direction. As they both try to correct, the head bobbing becomes comical and Martin starts spontaneously break-dancing. Ben follows suit. Someone on the crew finds music and turns it up. 

Sue calls lunch.

Finally, two hours later, it all just *clicks* They kiss so softly, so passionately and so beautifully that when they finally part to gaze at each other, there is utter silence in the room for several minutes afterward. You can hear a pin drop until finally Kevin (the new grip) just kind of wheezes and blurts out “Well, fuck me.”





Okay, I want a superhero story in which the superhero is one of those ‘normal kid gets superpowers through freak accident’ and goes out and fights crime, and of course runs into the supervillain at some point and tries to take them down. And the villain, a couple minutes into the fight, realizes they’re fighting a literal child and just has an internal freak-out about this new development. Because, fine, I’ve got plans to steal all of the world’s largest gems and I’m generally not a nice person, but holy fuck there’s a kid coming at me. This is a kid. I can’t with this.

So the supervillain instead of trying to kill/hurt their nemesis goes through all these complicated plans to trap them or put them to sleep or stick them in a large tank or something so they can go ahead with it. Sometimes it works and the supervillain spends a harried half hour lecturing the superhero about maybe going to school and being safe instead of doing this, that would be nice. 

The supervillain staying up at night occasionally wondering if the tiny superhero is out there trying to get themselves killed right this moment. The supervillain sending supervillain henchmen ninjas out to tail the superhero and help out if it ever looks like the superhero is going to get killed. The supervillain takes to pacing around and muttering to themselves occasionally about PARENTING and RESPONSIBILITY and how they never signed up for this shit. Actually petitioning their version of the Justice League to have someone step in and do something about this, that kid has to be like twelve and what is everyone thinking???? Bonus points if the kid has no parents and the villain finds this out and spends a night internally screaming about it.

Basically I want a supervillain unwittingly becomes the super worried parent of the kid who is actively trying to foil their every plan and topple their evil regime.


Realizing the superhero has no
family the supervillain puts the heist on hold for a few months. Obviously the
only thing to do done is to adopt the little superhero and get them off the
street before anything awful happens. The world doesn’t need more dead kids.

So the supervillain signs up to
become a foster parent. He gets a background check. He rounds up his henchmen
and starts his own company (social networking natch’), just so social services have
co-workers to interview. And honestly, everything is going great.

Until Nate, aka Ninja #4, takes
a late night shift on IT and instead of getting a call from someone who accidentally
fried their computer by spilling a drink on it, he gets a call from a distraught
woman whose abusive spouse won’t let her leave. She sabotaged the computer and
since the spouse won’t deal with it, she’s calling, and begging for help.
Whispering desperate pleas for someone to come fix the situation.

Well, that’s not going to fly.
So Ninja Nate calls the boss, and the supervillain is not having any of it.
Robbing people is fine, beating spouses is not. So the ninja squad is
dispatched to go “repair” the computer and at the end of the day the nice lady
has a computer and the abusive spouse is in jail for forever.

The next day the supervillain
is delighted to learn he is adopting a child. Only, when he goes to pick the
kid up, it isn’t the superhero, it’s a newborn. A cuddly infant who was taken
away from a parent in the hospital for reasons social services won’t discuss.
They warn the supervillain that this is temporary. The parents may want
parental rights back, the child isn’t his, but you know… love the baby like it

Terrified, the supervillain has
the ninjas add a new room to the fortress of doom, install a nursery with a
nice neutral forest theme, and then he starts a college fund. Because that’s
what new parents do, right?

And, while he’s at it, the supervillain
starts a college fund for the 12yo superhero and hires him a tutor. And pays
for improvements to the school. And sends the ninjas over to give the superhero
a new computer (out of uniform of course). The superhero considers this highly suspicious,
but being 12 they are willing to accept that sometimes you do win prizes from
bringing in box tops and a new computer will really help with the homework.

Now, the supervillain is out of
cash, has a newborn, and has to run a heist. So he sends the superhero a free
copy of DragonAge (content fixed to be suitable for a 12yo if necessary), and
goes on a heist.

For ten years this goes on. The
supervillain sets up college trust funds for hundreds of children. He never
gets to adopt the superhero, but he sends him games, tutors, and covers the
rent for a few months when the 16yo superhero can’t get a job one winter.

Finally, the supervillain
realizes he’s no longer fighting a kid. He calls the ninjas in, puts them in
the IT room, and goes to complete his villainous heist. The superhero arrives with
a cute little sidekick, who takes one look at the supervillain and starts
screaming like crazy because the sidekick think the superhero and supervillain
planned the surprise party to get the kid back with the only dad he’s ever

The supervillain fostered the
sidekick for 17 months starting when the sidekick was 9, and those were the
best 17 months of the kid’s life. Four years later, the sidekick ran away from
home and was adopted by the superhero who always felt like there was a guardian
angel watching out for lost kids with no parents.

Not wanting to disappoint the
sidekick, the superhero says, “Of course! Surprise! I wanted to get you back
with your dad! Happy family reunion!”

And, naturally, the
supervillain has to be good because this is one of his kids and how could he
let them down a second time.

The superhero and the
supervillain talk after the teenager has been sent to bed, and they agree that
if they restructure the social network the supervillain set up, and take it
public, the company would earn more legally than the supervillain could make
illegally, and that would allow them to do more to work legally against
domestic violence and advocate for kids in the foster system.

So the supervillain never got
to adopt the superhero, but they do Thanksgiving together every year along with
the ninjas, and lots and lots of foster kids. All who have amazing trust funds
and only some who happen to have superpowers.

Please write this. Please. I am begging you.




We don’t need a Frozen sequel, we need a sequel to The Princess and the Frog where Tiana and Naveen are human during the entire movie.

There’s a ton of responses on this like “the whole point of the movie was turning into frogs” and “how would it be princess and the frog anymore”

Look, it’s simple. Call the movie “The Princess and the FROGS”

Facilier escapes the underworld, leading a horde of demons and spirits, and curses the ENTIRE town to become frogs.

Tiana and Naveen are immune because they went through it before, but Facilier kidnaps Naveen as revenge.

Tiana is now the only human left, and it’s up to her to train and lead an army of frogs against an army of the damned to rescue her prince.

Perfect. Lets do it.