Where’s Sherlock?

He’s somewhere in London; can you find him?  You can also look for John, Greg, Mycroft, Molly, Mrs. Hudson, Sally, Jim, Anderson and Billy Wiggins.

This is lovely. I just want to hug these arts!


I found everyone except for Wiggins. I think I found Molly and Sally, anyway, not entirely positive. Lovely idea and gorgeous little drawings.

2018 Advent Ficlet Challenge


It’s that time again! I invite anyone who is interested to join me
as I spend the month of December frantically writing a ficlet a day. I will be
writing BBC Sherlock but any fandom is welcome!

Join Me!

Below is a list
of prompts—feel free to do as many or as few as you like. Switch them around, change
ones you don’t like, write them all in a month, or take all year—it’s up to you.
I’m calling it an Advent challenge so I can stop writing on the 24th and have the rest of the month off, but you don’t have to write about Christmas
if you don’t want to. Be creative and do whatever inspires you! Write that
trope you love or misinterpret the prompt to fit what you want to say. Just
make sure you have fun!

can post your ficlets on Tumblr and/or on AO3. I’ve created an AO3 collection
for everyone’s work, which will be open to all starting December 1: 2018 Advent Ficlet Challenge. (If you post all your ficlets as one work with chapters
instead of individually in a series, it makes it easier for others to browse
the collection, though this is not a
requirement.) If you post on Tumblr, use the tag “#2018 Advent Ficlet Challenge”
so others can find your ficlets.

Open to any and all ratings and ships!

  1. Holiday decor  
  2. Star
  3. You
    better watch out
  4. Snowman
  5. Believe
  6. Fireplace
  7. Memories
  8. Music
  9. Gift
  10. Do you see what I see 
  11. Comfort and joy 
  12. Gingerbread
  13. Frost
  14. A
    beautiful sight
  15. Toy
  16. Season’s greetings
  17. Warm and
  18. Celebration
  19. Silent
  20. Home  
  21. Hopes and fears
  22. Feast
  23. Nightmare
    before Christmas
  24. Peace

Here’s the link to the AO3 collection again, which will be open on December 1: 2018 Advent Ficlet Challenge. Let’s spread some cheer!

I’m having trouble writing, maybe I’ll give this a whirl