Weird porn author who was dragged into Hugo Awards mess pulls off epic troll








For the second year in a row, a bunch of disgruntled “conservative” sf readers and writers are attempting to destroy science fiction’s Hugo Awards by nominating slates of works that are, variously: rabid racist tracts; works by their ideological opponents; tepid military sf; works by bystanders; and weird porn by Chuck Tingle, a master of the form, who has nothing to do with any of this.

Until now. When Tingle – who publishes “bizarre niche erotica” in great volume – discovered that his book Space Raptor Butt Invasion had been promoted to the Hugo ballot by spoilers hoping to discredit the award, he sprang into action. He created a new title, especially aimed at the “Puppies” (the two groups who want to kill the Hugos call themselves “Rabid Puppies” and “Sad Puppies” for fantastically tedious reasons you can look up for yourself if you care to): “Slammed In The Butt By My Hugo Award Nomination.”

Then Tingle took to Twitter, writing an amazing series of GIF-illustrated tweets, mocking Vox Day, avowed white supremacist and leader of the “Rabid Puppies.”

The crowning glory of Tingle’s campaign, though, was hisannouncement that his Hugo Award, should he win it, would be accepted by Zoe Quinn, the reigning bogeywoman of the Gamergate/neoreactionary right. In other words: every time a “Puppy” casts a vote for Tingle’s work, they cast a vote for giving Zoe Quinn a podium from which to address the entire World Science Fiction Convention about the importance of diversity and representation in fiction.

It is truly glorious.

#team tingle. I keep saying. 


I cannot BELIEVE that this doesn’t mention that Chuck Tingle also registered the domain “” 


He is now using the website to promote N.K. Jemison, Zoe Quinn, public libraries, and an LGBT health organization. Also, a very large shirtless picture of Channing Tatum.

Chuck Tingle for PM.


If you, my beloved followers, would like to experience Chuck Tingle for yourself, I give you this live reading of his latest work at PenguinCon.