The fic i just posted is my 175th fic. What the hell am I doing with myself?

I was going through my me tag and found this. Oh past me, you’re adorable. That was slightly less than 2 years ago, 4/22/2014. Sweetie, you’ve got 325 fics now. and that’s not counting the co-writes. You’re still just as crazy fast a writer as you were, just you’ve continued to improve. 

Hey past me it’s Sept 1 2018, another 2 years later and not only do you now have 458 fics by yourself, you’re over a milion and a half hits across everything. You just celebrated 5 years of writing Sherlock and you’re still going strong.


Holy crap you guys, thank you! To all my new followers, welcome. Besides the gifs, I also have a minor crapton of fanfiction.

And if you’re here for the Sherlock, you’ll find Doctor Who and John Barrowman here too. And whatever else strikes my fancy.

I’m still shocked by all of you who enjoy reading my stuff. Thank you! You’re why I keep writing.

This Year in Writing (2015)

I was tagged by @songlin to do a “this year in writing”. I feel like I didn’t do much, but we both know that’s not quite true, is it?

January: This was I think my most productive month, at least half of which was fueled by Sherlock Seattle. Ten fics this month of which I’m most pleased with Proposition (my first pegging!),  What Makes you Beautiful (stupid frothy fun) and 

5 Times Mycroft Saved Sherlock and 1 Time Sherlock Saved Him (for some Holmes Brothers feels)

February: Three fics this month: 

An Unexpected Find (with @phipiohsum475, Johncroft omegaverse), 

Someone Has a Type and 

Leave the Ghosts Behind

March: 6 fics here. A Soldier’s Luck was my first commission fic. 

War Doesn’t Stop for a Flirt (some Jack Harkness/John Watson pwp) some johncroft and wincest

April: This is where things are dropping off because I was out of work and writing to make money more then writing for fandom.  But I still got out one, 

Baker Street Bamfs which I do intend to write sequels for at some point

May: This has two fics and also the announcement that me and @hums-happily would start posting RPs. 

Confession is a sad little s3 fic, 

Rentboy in Red was a commission fic for @fangirlscout

June: Another two fics 

The Suit and the Punk, for some mycroft selfcest + john and 

Chocolate Cake and Blue-Black Wings as a harkstiel birthday present for @jazzforthecaptain

July: Eight, but I guess I had less stress this month. 

Not Strictly Business is a lovely feelsy mystrade omegaverse, 

Only Know You Love Him When You Let Him Go is angsty s3 fix-it and 

Some Kind of Home is G rated Jack Harkness feels. Some more pwp and harkstiel in there too.

August: Two again. 

Coming Home will have more added to it at some point, I don’t feel like it’s totally finished. I need to work on it again. Also the fic demanded that it be johncroft. I didn’t plan it that way.

September: Huh, another two. 

Craving, johnlock omegaverse pwp and 

Sherlock’s Notebook a unilock fic inspired by @willietheplaidjacket that I’m still super proud of and pleased with.

October: Two.  The Knight and the Dragon is a lovely bit of johncroft if I do say so myself. 

At The Ball is another bit of Harkstiel pwp.

November: Five this month 

Unconventional (my first holmescest!) and 

Take Me Back to the Start, a feelsy s3 johnlock fic. Also some mystrade in there too and johnlock pwp.

December: Five, plus I’m sitting on one that I’ll probably post in the next day or so, so I’m going to call it 6. Mostly for the Harkstiel advent that I utterly failed at. And also 

Revelations, which was another commission fic.

Well, that’s more than I thought I did. Not as much as some other years, but I really should stop feeling guilty for not writing more. 47 Fics in total is nothing to sneeze at, especially since I got in some longer ones. Now do I poke my muse and try to get to 50 before the first?

Also I’m presently sitting at 320 total fics. August 1 was my 2nd anniversary in the Sherlock fandom and 

One Starry Night crossed 25k hits.

So, nothing to be ashamed of and I have indeed been writing stuff, much to my own surprise.

Right let me tag some fine folks @hums-happily, @jaimistoryteller, @tiger-in-the-flightdeck, @eveningsoother, @phipiohsum475, @themadkatter13 and anyone else who wants to do it

Two Years of writing in the Sherlock Fandom

So my very first johnlock fic was posted Aug 1, 2013. I can hardly believe it’s been two years already.

I’ve got some pretty awesome graphs and stuff coming a bit later from phipiohsum475​, but I wanted to take a moment and acknowledge some of my favorite fics from the last year:

  • Kintsugi – 

    Only Sherlock sees John fall apart.

This is Johnlock, PWP, but it’s sweet , first person Sherlock.

  • At My Most Beautiful – 

    Sherlock loves to simply watch John in the early morning light. Sometimes it becomes something more.

Another sweet first person Sherlock Johnlock PWP

  • London Sonata – 

    Relationships are like music. They have up and downs, passionate swells and quiet dips. And, sometimes, you find a perfect chord. But what happens when the melody is broken?

John/Greg and John/Greg/Sherlock. Omegaverse and Post-Reichenbach with alpha Greg and John and Sherlock as omegas.

  • Teeth and Temptation – 

    Greg never expected an encounter in the London fog to take him so far from the life he knew.

Cowritten with type40consultingdetective​. This is Vampire Mycroft and Greg and an OMC.

  • What Makes You Beautiful – 

    John and the gang take Sherlock out for his birthday. What happens when it’s just John and Sherlock?

Inspired by Sherlock Seattle, this johnlock PWP was just fun.

  • Proposition – 

    Mycroft wants to watch Greg be taken. They know just the woman.

Mystrade and Anthea and pegging oh my.

Holmes Brothers feels

  • A Soldier’s Luck – 

    When John meets Sherlock just before deploying, he thinks he’ll never see him again. Turns out a soldier’s luck is greater than that.

Omegaverse johnlock, different first meeting, smut and the general universe making sure Sherlock and John come together.

  • Baker Street Bamfs – When London’s most notorious gang kidnaps John, Sherlock and Lestrade to send the Met a message, they don’t expect the boys to fight back quite so well.  And they never planned on Mycroft Holmes.

John, Sherlock, Greg and Mycroft kicking ass.

My Empty Hearse fix-it for John not getting kidnapped. Johnlock pwp.

As always there are far more than this, and more I could have listed as favorites. Hope you enjoy, thank you so much for all of  you who read and encourage me, and we’ll just have to see what the next year has in store!

Not Strictly Business – janto321 (FaceofMer) – Sherlock [Archive of Our Own]

Not Strictly Business – janto321 (FaceofMer) – Sherlock [Archive of Our Own]