I’m sorry but Ianto and Jack’s kiss across the desk is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, they’re so in l o v e I can’t even comprehend the amount of love in that kiss

The story is that the crew let them go at it for a while before calling cut. I’d just about give my right arm for that footage to emerge one day. I’m pretty sure it would break Tumblr.

Actually the story I’ve heard the most is John asked the crew to keep rolling. Poor Gareth had no idea and only realized after they continued to kiss for a longggg time.

I need that footage I will bREAK SOMETHING if I don’t get that footage!!!!

I have scoured the internet from top to bottom and have not been able to find it…yet.
I think the footage exists somewhere in RTD and JB’s personal files, and they watch it from time to time.
But this is the next best thing, Gareth explaining it in detail:

… OK, two things are are now officially official:
1.) I would absolutely die (y/k, at least of a heart attack or smth) if I ever did get to see that TWO AND A HALF MINUTE TAKE (LIKE HOLY ************* CRAP)
2.) Gareth totally lied to the Official TW Magazine when he said that the kiss was super-easy / not awkward at all because they were both perfectly aware of each other’s respective sexualities & completely respected them. GARETH EITHER WASN’T COMPLETELY AWARE ABOUT EVERYTHING CONCERNING HIMSELF OR JOHN TOTALLY TOOK ADVANTAGE OF HIS GREAT DEDICATION TO THE JOB


Jack: You want to tell me what that was all about?

Ianto: I don’t think I know. I don’t… I’m broken and I just have to deal with it.

Jack: Ianto, we’re all broken. Every single person on this planet is broken. We’re all just dealing with it.  

Ianto: You’re not, though, are you?

Jack: What?

Ianto: The way you are, Jack. Do you feel… anything?

Jack: Do you really think I don’t?

Ianto: But you’re so… bloody… cocky!

Jack: Ahaha. Yeah. And you wear a suit and don’t think I don’t know why? You don’t need a suit to make coffee!


i loved all janto getting together headcanons btw the ONLY one im glad is finally proven wrong is the one that after killing suzie was their first time, and that is bc what kind of person lets someone else put a stopwatch in their ass for their FIRST TIME