August 15th  
The first time he sees him, Sinatra is playing in the background. Cas is working his regular nine to five at the shop, putting in the daily grind to get him through college. He won’t lie, the job isn’t anywhere near glamorous, but he deals with it. Anything to get him through school, he supposes.
Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away.    

The lyrics pour from the speakers as Cas once again glances at the clock, counting down the hours until he’s free to leave this damn coffee shop that is like a ball and chain to his foot. Even the music, which is usually the only good thing about this job, is aggravating him to no end. He tries to stop himself from muttering ‘shut up, Sinatra’ under his breath, but he doesn’t succeed. His coworker Anna eyes him suspiciously, her blue eyes accusing as she stares him down. Cas gives her his signature nonchalant shrug before she turns to the man at the cash register, waiting to place his order.

And that’s when Cas sees Dean Winchester for the first time, and boy, is it something. He is dressed in red plaid, a worn leather jacket slung around his arm as he fishes for he a wallet out of his too tight skinny jeans. His black rimmed glasses slide down his face as he looks down, and Cas smiles when he absentmindedly pushes them up his nose. His hair is perfectly tousled, and when he looks up to Anna at the register, his eyes are the most piercing green Cas has ever seen. Bright, like emeralds shining in the sun. 

Cas doesn’t even realize he’s staring until Anna starts snapping her fingers in front of his face, trying to regain his attention. He comes back to the redhead and gets another glare from her as she shoves the boy’s order in his face, stomping away. Cas looks down to the slip, a simple black coffee with an extra shot of mocha syrup, and smiles.
Dean Winchester. That’s the name on the order, the name of the boy who made Castiel blush like no other.
Dean, what a lovely name.
Once I get you up there where the air is rarified, we’ll just glide, starry-eyed.

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Posting this for the day crowd, I finished my johnlock series last night, and I’d love you to check it out..

Nght Hymns:

John finds that Sherlock comes to his bed late at night. During the day no one would ever know they were more then just friends and flatmates. But something different happens in the dark. Is it only a dream, a release? Or is it something more?


the most beautiful scene in whole Torchwood.

I read a really good bittersweet fix-it fic yesterday where our Jack managed to end up with original Jack, for a time anyway.

Must Have An End


hey fanfic readers pro tip if you ever read a fic on ao3 you should leave kudos or something because sometimes authors get really self-conscious when there’s a lot of hits but not a lot of feedback and they wanna take the story down and not write anymore ok

Honestly, this is part of why I haven’t been motivated to write another Jack and River story.

That’s probably awful of me.