there is no legitimate reason Brooklyn nine nine can’t be in the marvel universe


Consider: Jake Peralta and Foggy Nelson having an immediate on sight “IT’S FUCKING *THAT GUY*” reaction when they happen to meet in a courtroom.

Consider: That one time Steve Roger’s brought in a guy he caught mugging some tourists and Amy almost sucked the air out of the entire building while she flipped.

Consider: Rosa really wants to bust a real vigilante but all she’s ever got is some little highschool kid in this handmade red and blue thing. It wasn’t even satisfying. >:c

Consider: Gina has Tony Starks personal number in her phone with the programmed ringtone “Stupid Hoe”. No one can figure out why and honestly, no one really wants to know.

Consider: There’s a new guy at Terry’s gym named Luke. He seems nice, but man its a miracle that he didnt break his foot after those weights fell on him.

Why you should watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine



– Of the seven main characters, only two are white men

– Of these two men, one has dozens of hobbies which includes local food critic, sewing, yoga, and other traditionally non-masculine interests

– The other seems to be a stereotypical overconfident jerk, however most of his arcs revolve around messing up and having to acknowledge and genuinely apologize for his screwups

– One of the main characters is a middle aged gay man who isn’t a TV stereotype, who is married and lovingly committed, bringing up his husband in casual conversation throughout the show without it being the only important thing about his personality

– Every female character has a distinct personality, goals and fears and aspirations, and all have multiple episodes focusing solely on exploring their characters and development


– Terry Crews as a big buff doting father

– Humor that never relies on offensive jokes or stereotypes, that is genuinely funny with great comedic timing

– Multiple accounts of close friendships between men and women without any implications that there will be more

– The few relationships that do exist between the main cast are developed naturally over time

Thank you for reading, go forth and enjoy this fantastic show!

Also, This scene exists

I started watching Brooklyn 99 yesterday, still only a few episodes in, but a random thing I noticed was that the Captain had colored binders behind him arranged like a gay pride flag.

I also love the fact that he’s gay, and that’s part of what fuels him and makes him who he is, but it’s not the focus and nobody in the department seems to care.