As a chick married to an ex-cop, I say this all the time to people close to me, but it bears repeating here: No cop is your friend after you’ve been detained.

Get rear ended by a drunk at a red light? That cop will direct traffic around your vehicle, document the accident, sure. Call animal control on your piece of shit neighbor? You’ve got a pretty good chance the officer who shows up helps out in a meaningful way.

But after you’ve been arrested, when a police officer says, “Just be honest with me and I’ll do the same.” or the old “Help me and I’ll help you.” Politely ask for a lawyer. Shake your head. Ignore them. Pretend you’re Hollywood royalty being asked for a selfie. “ …mmmm… Sorry, but no.”

Keep your mouth shut. Don’t do their work for them. Wait for a lawyer.

I worked as a police dispatcher for a year and a half, and I’d agree with this. My cops were generally nice people (and I say this having been on the wrong end of their sirens twice, once before and once after being hired), and they often helped in good ways… on the street. Not so much in the station. Generally speaking (and I know this is oversimplification and is worse in a lot of places but), it went like this:

On the street, you were considered as a person/citizen they have sworn to protect who may have made a mistake or done something wrong.

Once you were in the station, you were considered as a criminal. In the station you are the only one on your side.

Stay safe.

TV and film has you thinking that only guilty people ask for a lawyer. This is not true. The law is complex and difficult and confusing and if you’re being questioned by the police you’re not going to be in your best state of mind. A lawyer is your basic civil right and you should exercise that right. Keep silent, ask for a lawyer, take your legal advice.

Guilty people don’t ask for a lawyer, smart people do.

“Guilty people don’t ask for a lawyer, smart people do.”

My uncle was a cop. My uncle is the most down to earth, wouldn’t hurt a fly person in the world. I don’t think he even arrested a single person ever, that wasn’t his job on the force.

His advice? Get a fucking lawyer. Never say a damn word. A cop knows how to twist your words around and make you even doubt yourself. They know damn well how to make you feel guilty by getting a lawyer. YOU need to know that it’s SMART to get a lawyer. Get a lawyer.

People can be convinced that they committed a non-existant crime in three hours.

Don’t say shit. Get a lawyer.

If you want to watch a show that shows people admitting to things they may not have done and the tactics involved, check out The Confession Tapes. It’s on Netflix.

My husband is a defense attorney, and yeah, get a lawyer. There is no lawyer more expensive than not getting a lawyer in this kind of situation.

Mystrade Holiday 2018?






Heyyyy Blu Doc. So I know the calendar isn’t happening this year, and I saw talk about a collection or a tag or something? Idk I’m not well versed in this kinda stuff, but does such a thing exist? If so, what is it/how do I file this correctly so that people can find my fic? 

Thanks, y’all. And Merry Christmas the First!

Okay, I just tagged it as “Mystrade Holiday 2018″ and “Mystrade Advent Calendar 2018.” If anyone makes a collection on AO3, please let me know! And if you’d like to read it…

In the words of the precocious and adorable Michelle Tanner…


I created a collection on AO3 and please feel free to add your fic. It is open and unmoderated. Yes, please use the hashtag “Mystrade Holiday 2018″. Okay folks lets make this happen!

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Fourth Christmas – Chapter 1 – janto321 (FaceofMer) – Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]

Fourth Christmas – Chapter 1 – janto321 (FaceofMer) – Sherlock (TV) [Archive of Our Own]