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Looking for advice from fandom friends!

I have a fic that I want to write, but I feel like every chapter installment would be short. I have nothing against short fics myself, but I have this weird guilt complex about short fics being less good than long ones? I’d just like some advice/ reassurance. I just can’t really draw out these scenes, if that makes any sense? 


It’s not the length that matters, it’s the impact.

#@merindab #you should share the cupcake story

Okay so I write short fics, mostly, and I too suffer sometimes from the “this is short so it’s not as valuable” demon.

I got told the BEST analogy at 221B con from @patternofdefiance and I really do need to print out and put it somewhere I can see it.

It’s like walking into a room and there’s a tray of these beautiful gourmet cupcakes. They’re still wonderful and delicious and sometimes all you want is a morsel. 

They aren’t less good just because they’re cupcakes instead of three-tiered wedding cake or something. Sometimes you want a cupcake and not a whole cake.

Plus, like tiger said, it’s not the length, it’s the impact. I often joke that my fics are bigger on the inside.

Feel free to come talk to me, I’ll be happy to discuss if you’d like.





Where’s Sherlock?

He’s somewhere in London; can you find him?  You can also look for John, Greg, Mycroft, Molly, Mrs. Hudson, Sally, Jim, Anderson and Billy Wiggins.

This is lovely. I just want to hug these arts!


I found everyone except for Wiggins. I think I found Molly and Sally, anyway, not entirely positive. Lovely idea and gorgeous little drawings.









*takes an ant outside and lets it free instead of killing it* This one is for you Paul Rudd.

*takes a spider outside* this is for you Tom Holland

*takes a mantis outside* This is for you Pom Klementieff

*feeds some birds* this is for you Anthony Mackie

*waters some trees* This is for you Groot

*pets cat* this if for you Chadwick

*pets roomba* this is for you dum-e

*overthrows America’s burgeoning fascist regime* this is for you Steve




i had a moment today while watching a whiny shitlord complain about the injustice of new sci-fi media having more female leads, i suddenly felt the strangest sense of déjà vu. i couldn’t pintpoint it at first but then out of nowhere, it fucking dawned on me

This is the single greatest meme in the history of the Internet everyone can stop making memes now we don’t need any more ever again

I think I’ve already reblogged this but I don’t care it’s just pure gospel