Looking for advice from fandom friends!

I have a fic that I want to write, but I feel like every chapter installment would be short. I have nothing against short fics myself, but I have this weird guilt complex about short fics being less good than long ones? I’d just like some advice/ reassurance. I just can’t really draw out these scenes, if that makes any sense? 


It’s not the length that matters, it’s the impact.

#@merindab #you should share the cupcake story

Okay so I write short fics, mostly, and I too suffer sometimes from the “this is short so it’s not as valuable” demon.

I got told the BEST analogy at 221B con from @patternofdefiance and I really do need to print out and put it somewhere I can see it.

It’s like walking into a room and there’s a tray of these beautiful gourmet cupcakes. They’re still wonderful and delicious and sometimes all you want is a morsel. 

They aren’t less good just because they’re cupcakes instead of three-tiered wedding cake or something. Sometimes you want a cupcake and not a whole cake.

Plus, like tiger said, it’s not the length, it’s the impact. I often joke that my fics are bigger on the inside.

Feel free to come talk to me, I’ll be happy to discuss if you’d like.

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