thinking about the sexy bits of a pwp fic before I write it: ehehe nice

writing the sexy bits in the first draft: this is so hot, yessss

writing every part of the fic that isn’t the sexy bits: why does this take twice as long as the rest of the fic put together every single time

editing my pwp: I already used “thrusting” in this part of the scene. Have I accounted for everyone’s limbs? Will my readers be able to accurately visualize this? How many synonyms are there for “slick”? Why is there no good word for nipples? Is this the same as every other sex scene I’ve ever written? Why are my tenses all over the places? Should this be a comma or a semicolon or a period? Is this sentence too long? Is it possible to get rid of more filter words? What about passive voice? Whose POV is this? IS THIS EVEN HOT ANYMORE???

please…another word for nipples…someone

not ‘nubs’

please not ‘nubs’

How about “faux sippy cups”…


That’s when I hand it off to a friend and go “is this even hot? I can’t tell anymore”

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