oh, nothing, nothing, just thinking about how Patty Tolan thought she was joining a BOOK CLUB but she still got them a car, and strapped on a proton pack gladly, and got worried that Erin’s nice clothes kept getting sticky so she made sure everyone got jumpsuits, and she brings people sandwiches even when they haven’t asked for them, and she thinks the best of everyone (even Rowan, briefly) and she’s always willing to put herself in danger to help everyone else, and she keeps saving Holtzman’s life, and the hipster graffiti dude tells her he loves her on his way out of getting scolded, and she wishes a death metal band would play something gentle so the demon stops being so angry, and she brings the humanities to a STEM team and her expertise is what makes their plans actually work, and when she’s asked what Rowan’s form should be her request is “small and cute”, and she has a full time job but she’s willing to spend her free time making her city safer, even though ALL SHE WANTED WAS TO READ BOOKS AND TALK ABOUT BOOKS.

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