2 questions

  1. who the fuck is whil weaton
  2. who the fuck is felicia day

Wil Wheaton an actor who played Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation. He’s still active in the entertainment industry.

Felicia Day is also an actor. She’s been in a few episodes of Supernatural, and she was a main character in Doctor Horrible’s Sing Along Blog. 

They both do other stuff, a lot of very nerdy things and they really seem to love their fans and enjoy being nerds as well as icons of the nerd community.

  • Wil Wheaton has had a blog since the very early days (like seriously it was one of the earliest major blogs) and he’s also on tumblr now @wilwheaton
  • Wil Wheaton had a show on scifi for a while, and even did a sketch with Barrowman
  • Wil is also close friends with the Nerdist
  • He also has a youtube channel including a popular series about tabletop games
  • Felica Day starred and produced in The Guild, a very popular web series
  • Felicia Day plays world of warcraft
  • Felicia recently released a book as well

Also I don’t know Felecia’s work as well as Wil’s, but I do know that Wil Wheaton has been very open about his own struggles with depression and I have one of his blog posts bookmarked for my own bad days.

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