A Study in Pink — Pilot and Episode One

Look at the slo-mo. For me, that’s the kicker. 

AS WE ALL KNOW: Pilot!John and Pilot!Sherlock are only about 1.5 hours away from fucking in that last gif on the left. Like, that’s two dudes who just got done with a really great date, and now they’re going to go get a nightcap, but they both know they’re gonna end up in bed after that. They never even got a chance to need that second bedroom in Baker Street. These two sweet little lambs are currently married, and have been for years. 

MEANWHILE: The two assholes we’re stuck with live in this hyper-stylized world where they look at each other and the rest of the world blurs away into color and shape and the only real, solid thing for each of them is the other one. Everything slows down, the music swells, and they look at each other as if they’re not convinced the other one’s quite real. It’s epic. It’s The Hero Shot. And it’s quite frankly shockingly romantic in a way the Pilot shot isn’t. 

But it’s also letting us know that, unlike that successful first date we saw in the Pilot, the real thing’s gonna play out SLOOOOOWLY. 

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