hello kelley. i wanted to ask your opinion on something. i’m pregnant and i recently found out i’m having a baby boy *big grin* do you think i would be taking my love for the show too far by naming my son Sherlock Watson? Sherlock as the first name and Watson as their middle name. i would love your opinion and the opinion of any of your followers. thank you and i hope you’re having a lovely, lovely day.


Dude, you do you! If I ever have a boy, I’m naming him Cristopher after Christopher Tietjens so you aren’t alone in the naming after thing. And if you want his name to be a little less on the obvious side, you could name him William Sherlock Scott ‘Your Last Name’. 

My best friend and I were in Walmart one time and we heard an announcement over the intercom for “John Watson come to automotive their car is ready.” We both just froze in place, like “did we actually hear that?”

I had a friend with the last name of Holmes and he told me in college someone put him with a guy last name of Watson as a roommate. They didn’t get on though.

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