hunting module

#okay it’s incredibility fascinating to me to see the base of the winter soldier in bucky #and the reflection of bucky in the winter soldier #how do you carve the person out but leave the skills?

Okay military meta time friends. I’ve been meaning to take this one on for a while but I’m in the field at 2337 after a crazy long day on my best behavior around high ranking brass because my CO/BFF sent me on a cherry assignment so I am warn out, and I’m gonna make this short.

When this gif set first came out it simply said predator mode engaged. Then it was changed to hunting module. I reblogged both because I love this fucking gif: both are prime examples of a nonfiring actor correctly emulating behavior of a firer. Seb has played a soldier before and he is good at correctly emulating the distinct way we move when constantly carrying a deadly weapon. Chris evans, btw, is baaaad at that.

However the more recent reblogs of this gif set come with the additional commentary about similarities between the way Bucky moves and the way Winter moves. And from a professional standpoint I can instinctually bit emphatically tell you that the similarities are few and the differences are astronomical. Other than basic weapons and tactical proficiency, Bucky and Winter could not move more differently if they tried.

For one, Bucky lacks the thousand mile stare, whereas that’s all Winter has. Bucky is very focused on the moment, the present, the target right in front of him—the one posing a threat. Its why he gets caught by surprise several times in close combat in that scene. Buck is a sniper. He devotes everything to one point of a focus at a time. He pivots as such. His face shows microreactions as he takes in details of his surroundings one by one. He’s still very situationlly aware, but not simultaneously.

Winter /hunts/. His eyea don’t flicker everywhere and his body language and firing posture doesn’t shift a hundred times minutely like Bucky’s does because rather than focus with a sniper’s POV he sees the whole picture. He’s taking everything in at once. Hence the rhousand mile stare.

They could not be more different.

A+++++ commentary

Aaah here it is

This deserves another reblog.

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