First Lines

I was tagged by @sexxicawrites and reclusiveq to list the first lines of my last ten fics to see if there are any patterns:

  1.    “Come in,” said Sherlock without looking up, getting his pencils and papers in order.
  2. Sherlock woke with a small groan.

  3. Sherlock found the party without a problem.

  4. John Watson was uncertain what to expect when he limped down the sterile hall.

  5. Greg sighed and stretched.

  6. Jack wiped his brow and leaned back, reaching for the bottle of water he had close at hand.

  7. John Watson adjusted his bag as he crossed to where Sherlock was waiting, leaning casually against his motorcycle.

  8. Everyone thinks that it’s only Sherlock that observes.

  9. John paced on the sidewalk.

  10. Jack never really slept anymore.

So apparently I tend to start with an action and a character. Also I had to try to resist the urge to re-read every fic I opened. Oops.

I’ll tag themadkatter13, jazzforthecaptain, chasingriversong and caitlinisactuallyawritersname





reblogged your post and added:

I shall start:While Sherlock is “dead”, Mycroft…

I got these recs from a friend too:

“this is unfinished, but i recall liking it

brighteyedjill has a couple of older johncroft”

That’s pretty much all I have, maybe others can hop on the bandwagon.

You just recc’d my friends fic to me, so she’ll be happy to know that! 😀

I actually haven’t read the fics by brighteyedjill, so thanks for those!

Mostly, I’m hoping to inspire people to create new Johncroft! We need more content in this fandom, guys! <3

Thank you, besinaao3, for being so kind!

Any other writers feel like jumping in on this – see if we can write some new stuff for it? I will try to kick my brain into gear.  fleetwoodmouse , dvancecinco, either of you have some good Johncroft recs for us?

I searched my blog for Johncroft and came across these entries.  I know that taylorpotato wrote a terrific fic, If You Understand The Nuance.  Also, the fic Modern Warfare is a lovely holmescest / johncroft / johnlock OT3 fic that is chock full of smut.  

I also know that cotrix-art has a piece or two of art.  merindab, don’t you have some johncroft?

I have 6 apparently but I’m pretty sure eveningsoother has read them all. I’m sure I can write more though if ya’ll want