The Magicians Apprentice – s9e1

I just want to talk about this scene for a minute. Look at Missy. The minute she realizes where she is, she’s deadly serious. There isn’t joking or playing around. Both her and the Doctor are terrified. They know what it is. They’ve seen what the Daleks do. They’re both veterans and survivors of the Time War. Missy keeps backing away as if she’s looking for a chance to run. The Doctor is in disbelief. This is the last place either of them wanted to be.

+ she is really terrified! And what pisses me off is that the Doctor thinking about Clara! Why? She’ve been a Dalek once! And she hadn’t sacrificed herself on this goddam planet for the name of Time Lords! But guess who did? Missy! And the Doctor is thinking only about Clara, but not the Master!!!

I think he is thinking about Missy though. When she’s doing her attempt to talk her way out of it, he’s still saying no and stop it. Besides, if anything happens to Missy she could regenerate. Clara doesn’t have that option.

And he clearly didn’t want either of them to come with him in the first place.

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