underrated johnlock moments: the hounds of baskerville

immediately after john admonishes sherlock for looking so hot cool with his cheekbones and his popped collar, there is this unexplained sexual tension in the car. the atmosphere is silent and weird and then there’s this magnetic moment where they both turn and stare at each other at the same exact time and then look away like they’ve been burned and it’s never explained or mentioned, it just happens, and just look at john – LOOK at him.  look at the way he holds his mouth, at his eyes, at his defeat and worry.  he’s really coming into his feelings for sherlock in these episodes (asib, this, trf) and he knows it but can’t face it and is sure sherlock would never feel things that way and it’s awkward and painful, so after this moment he immediately launches into a new conversation to move on, but the moment is still THERE (elephant in the room anyone??) and there goes yet another moment of things unsaid with these two, another time they could have bridged the gap but failed to do so.  

i feel like we don’t talk about this moment a lot, but it’s essential to me, and up there on my list of top johnlock moments.  watch it in context after john’s floundering compliments, see the way he jumps into conversation afterwardit’s just so obvious.

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