This is a quick one – I got curious about which characters and ships most often involve pregnancy within the Sherlock fandom.  

Only about 1% of AO3 Sherlock fanworks are tagged “Pregnancy” (or a related tag such as “Mpreg”), so all these numbers are going to be small and thus not that reliable.  Also, most people don’t tag their work specifically with who is pregnant.  But there are tags of the “Pregnant [character name]” format for a few characters.  There are also characters tagged “Omega [character name]” in fanworks that are also tagged as being pregnancy-related.  I marked those omega characters as probably being pregnant in such fics.  There is probably a bit of overcounting – but there’s also a lot more undercounting, because as I said, many people won’t tag a fic “Pregnant [X]” or “Omega [X]” even if X is pregnant.  Still, it’s a start.

Using this method, I looked at what percentage of the fanworks the character appears in they also appear to be pregnant in, and I got the first graph above.  John is the most likely to be pregnant, being probably pregnant in 163 fanworks (a mere 0.3% of his overall appearances).  Sherlock is next most likely, preceding the canonically pregnant Mary.

I also looked at which ships were most likely to appear in pregnancy-related works – and how much of that was mpreg (see second graph above).  Leading the pack are Sherlock/Mary, Mycroft/Molly, Anthea/Mycroft, and Mycroft/John.

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