• They chose the song “staying alive” for moriarty’s ringtone because it LITERALLY meant that sherlock and john got to keep living and that sherlock was faking his death and possibly even that moriarty was faking his death
  • They chose the song “sinnerman” for the court scene because they were LITERALLY going to the devil (moriarty)
  • They chose the song “December 1963” because john LITERALLY doesn’t even know mary’s real name and his life will LITERALLY never be the same
  • But obviously they chose the song “donde estas yolanda” for sherlock and john’s reunion scene—a song which actually contains the lyrics “where have you been…i’ve been looking for you…your lips kissed mine with desire and passion, the passion of a woman…the fire of your lips conquered my heart and i fell in love with you“—-obviously THAT song was totally FIGURATIVE I MEAN 

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