[about writing Blank Space] I was kind of looking at this whole fictionalized version of my life the media has portrayed, because I don’t talk about my personal life, so they’ve kind of had to make one up for me. And I guess in the last couple of years the story has been that I’m like a serial dater, and I like have all these boyfriends, and we’re traveling the world, and everything’s great until I get overemotional and crazy and obsessive, and they leave, and I’m devastated and I write songs to get emotional revenge cause I’m psychotic. And that character, if you think about it, if that’s actually how I was, it’s such a complex, interesting character to write from the perspective of. So I was kinda like, I could write a song from her perspective, and see how it would turn out. All of a sudden I started having so much fun writing these like zingers and one-liners, that it ended up being one of the funniest songs on the record, and one of the songs that people actually gravitate towards.

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