• Any fandom or original characters are welcomed as long as you can provide some references/detailed description (in case of oc). Male, female, kids, animals and any other creatures : it’s all fine.
  • I’ll draw pretty much any kind of scene, NSFW included.
  • Prices above may go up in case of very complicated or detailed scene. 
  • Prices are per character and in euro
  • Paypal only! 
  • You will receive full size jpg file. 

My contact mail is (it’s not my paypal mail). 

Remember to put 


 in the subject line.

In your mail please include 

  • Your name/tumblr url
  • Which kind of picture are you interested in (bw/color)
  • Character/scene description, how many characters
  • Extra comments and references (if any)

After I agree to take on your commission, I’ll draw a rough sketch and send it to you (this is the time to make any changes). If you approve I’ll send you a payment request. I’ll get to work right after receiving payment. 

Also you can add your tumblr url, so I can tag you correctly if you are alright with me posting low res. of your commission

Open again 😀

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