My coworker just asked if I was being a nerd today.

I said “I’m a nerd every day. That isn’t a costume it’s a way of life.”

Superwood Halloween Ficlet

Captain Jack Harkness adjusted his tiara and smoothed his pink satin dress. “Ready, Prince Charming?” he turned and smiled at Castiel.

The angel was dressed in something vaguely resembling a uniform, with a sash across the chest. “I still don’t understand the purpose…”

“It’s having fun,” said Jack leaning in to kiss him before taking his arm. “And we need to blend in.”

It didn’t take long for them to arrive at the party. Heads turned, mostly staring at Jack, but he simply smiled back at them. The party was full of all sorts as the moved around and mingled.

“You some kind of fairy?” one guy, obviously a bit drunk, growled at Jack.

“No, I’m a princess,” answered Jack, touching his tiara. “I’m not the one with wings. Though…” he leaned a little closer. “I bet I could make you see stars.” He winked.

The guy looked about to take a swing for a moment, but then Castiel was stepping between the two of them. Apparently a ticked off angel had a glare to make almost anyone back down, because the drunk guy muttered something and stumbled off.

Castiel turned to Jack. “I do believe the object of interest is in the attic.”

“You’re my object of interest,” grinned Jack. Castiel gave him a look. “I know, I know. Job. Lead on.”

As Jack gathered his skirts, Castiel led the way up a back staircase. They crept through the second floor and to another narrow staircase. There was a terrific sound and they both rushed, Jack nearly tripping, only to find two people already there.

Sam and Dean weren’t making any effort at costume, but they turned in unison at the sound of Castiel and Jack. Dean blinked and stared at the two. Sam took one look and then doubled over with laughter.

“Thought you two were three states over,” said Jack, smoothing his dress again and making sure he hadn’t ripped anything.

“Yeah well, clearly we’re not,” growled Dean.

Grinning, Jack moved towards Dean. “Well, since you’ve saved the day, here’s your princess.”

Dean held up his flashlight like it was a weapon. “Not one step closer, Harkness.”

Without missing a beat, Jack stepped to Sam, who was wiping his eyes, and swept him into short waltz, ignoring the daggers Dean was glaring at his back. When they finished Sam gave Jack a short bow.

“There’s still a party downstairs,” said Jack. “I think we should all celebrate.”

They headed back down. A fast song was playing and Jack pulled Castiel close, feet remembering steps and leading his angel.