1000 Followers Fanworks Challenge


The challenge:

Create a work based on a prompt from the Bottomjohn Prompts List, and incorporating an idea from this Prompts List of Doom.

For added challenge/guidance, use a random number generator to select from the Prompts List of Doom!  (There are 6573 prompts on the list.)

Deadline: June 30.  That’s one month!

The only rule is, of course, that John must be on the bottom. ^_^  

The fanworks can be of any sort!  Fic, art, knitting, sewing, woodburning, music playlist, vids, cosplay, gardening dandelions in the shape of John’s face…  Set your fannish minds free to the possibilities!

Submissions: When you’re done, submit your work to johnwantsit and we’ll post it for all to see!  (In most cases, it will probably work best as a submission; if you want to stay anonymous, simply say so and we can copy and post it so that your name does not appear.)  

If you post it on AO3, you can also add it to the AO3 BottomJohnPromptsList collection for posterity.

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