Okay thanks a lot to iamianto I got this elemental fic done for fanwork Friday:

Ianto sent another paper airplane through the sluggish air the hub. When the thing had crashed into Kansas and people suddenly developed powers, of course he’d got the ability to manipulate paper. The airplane made a loop over Tosh’s desk, making her smile, before crashing into Owen’s screen. “Oi!” Owen turned towards Ianto. “One more time and I’ll take your liver out through your ear.”

Rolling his eyes, Ianto started to say something when he heard the alert letting him know there was someone in the tourist office. “That’ll be Sherlock and John,” he said, heading up to let them in.

Jack came out of the office and surveyed his team.“We’re going to Kansas.”

“Investigating the crash site?” asked Gwen.

“Yes.” He looked up as Ianto led John and Sherlock in. They’d been here before but John still looked around cautiously as if not quite believing in the place. Ianto went to make them coffee.

Just then, the harsh sound of the Tardis landing could be heard outside. Everyone raised their heads. Jack smiled. “That’s our ride. Come on.”

“The Tardis, really?” Owen looked dubiously towards the street.

“You’ll be fine. Just don’t touch anything.” Jack pulled on his coat and led the way. Ianto put takeaway cups in John and Sherlock’s hands as they followed the rest of the team.

The door was open. Jack grinned as they all piled in. “Good thing it’s bigger on the inside.” Sherlock held onto a railing, clearly a bit disoriented. Jack slapped him on the back. “Don’t worry Sherly, you get used to it.” The detective glared at him.

“Stop it,” grumbled the Doctor hitting switches. “You all need to work together on this. The Winchesters, Castiel and Martha are meeting you there. What landed isn’t supposed to be here, but no one can get close enough to shut it off.”

“Can’t just land the Tardis on it?” asked John.

“It’s blocking me too. I’ll get you close.”

The Tardis shook as it landed rough. Jack snapped into tactical mode, opening the Tardis door and looking out carefully. The others were leaning against the Impala, waiting. In the near distance a dark cloud hung low to the ground. Martha grinned as she saw Jack. “Come on then.”

The Doctor watched them get out. “I can’t get closer.” He tossed Jack a small box. “When you get there, use this, it’ll shut it down.”

“Sir.” Jack saluted as he went back inside.

Turning back to the others he grinned at the Winchesters. “Hello Sam, Cas.”

“Knock it off,” growled Dean, cocking the shotgun in his hands.

Jack chuckled and looked at the dark cloud. “Flat as a pancake. Owen, Gwen you can make shields to give us some cover.”

“Hey, who put you in charge?” Dean challenged.

Jack raised an eyebrow. “When was the last time you lead a team of more than three into anything?”

Dean looked at the others, then crossed his arms. “What about Doc Watson? He was in the army.”

“Doctor. I’d listen to Jack.”

Dean rolled his eyes. “Fine.”

Jack looked around. “This will go better if we have a plan.”

“So let’s hear it, Captain.”

Eight minutes later they were walking cautiously towards the cloud. The Tardis was still visible behind them when something large swooped out of the sky, breaking into smaller figures attacking the group.

Dean shot the first one as everyone else moved towards the middle. “Dean, get your ass over here,” growled Sam, pulling him back behind the shields Gwen and Owen were putting up. Tosh took out three with a bolt of lightning. Castiel stood between Gwen and Owen, putting a hand on each and boosting their powers.

“They’re swarming,” called Jack. “Let them bunch up and then hit them.”

They watched as the smaller things clumped together, it was impossible to tell what they were, other than something made of wings and teeth.

“Now!” Called Jack.

Sherlock let out a burst of ice that shattered a clump. At his back, John shot fire. The burning group crashed into another. Tosh fired more lightning. Martha blew one group towards the one on fire. Sam wrapped another one in shrieking darkness. Grumbling and dropping his gun, Dean pelted another group with earth. A sheaf of papers went through yet another group, scattering them into the the chaos.

Jack watched them fighting together, using their powers to compliment each other. He nodded and pulled out the box. “Take care of them, Dean.”

Before anyone could argue, Jack plunged past the shields, wrapping himself in a dark cloud to try and shield himself a little. He died before he got halfway, but woke with the box still in his hands. He glanced back and could see they were still fighting. He didn’t know how long they could hold out. Gritting his teeth, he charged on.

A wave of papers cleared the path and he smiled, knowing Ianto was helping. Finally he reached the edge of the cloud and pushed inside.

Nightmares tore at his mind. He fell to his knees, struggling with the box, wondering if he was pulling a reverse Pandora. Every shred of doubt and fear ripping into him. With a final bit or strength he got it open.

The cloud shrieked and Jack collapsed, dying in agony as the box slipped from his fingers.

When Jack gasped awake again, Ianto was holding his hand. He groaned and ran a hand through his bloodied hair. “That was unpleasant,” he muttered.

“You stopped it,” Sam smiled at him. Looking around, Jack could see there were other injuries. Owen was patching up Sherlock while John tended to Dean.

The Tardis screeched to existence as Ianto helped Jack up. The Doctor looked both relieved and worried sick. “Let’s get you all home.”


sci fi Rosencrantz and Guildenstern AU where one of them is an android and the other is their builder/creator, but they can’t remember which one is which anymore 

Working on my superwholock fic and making myself a bit crazy with too many characters. At least when the shit hits the fan they’ll be good on doctors (Owen, Martha, John). Dean needs to shut up and let Jack lead.