I just found out anybody can submit their own fandom tea blends on

I’m a designing a Doctor/Master blend with my fiance for christmas.

After that someone should brainstorm some superwood teas with me >________>

I need to go check out Adagio teas to see what’s available. I think Captain Jack Harkness/Castiel would be clean citrus blended into a strong tea with a coffee-ish bitterness, with clove and cinnamon. That sounds good on paper but I’m not sure how it would drink. Any other Harkstiel/Jackstiel folks want to weigh in?

Plus I wonder what a Gwen + Dean BroTeaP would taste like.

I don’t know, but it should be like some kind of taste that makes you think “Angsty Hope”…. or it should kick your ass.

For Gwen and Dean [bro-tea-p, I see what you did thar] I’m thinking of a strong black tea with a hint of rose. Harney & Sons has a great rose-scented tea that reminds me of them.

But Jazz I LOVE the idea of a citrus tea for Harkstiel. That instantly reminded me of the art you have of them dancing in the sunset (it’s kind of orange too right?). That would be perfect artwork for a perfect blend. aka YOU SHOULD DO IT.

Man I have no idea what Sam/Jack would taste like though. Gotta think about that one >________>

I don’t know the first thing about adagio or teas, but I’d imagine sam/jack would taste like something dark but with a hopeful taste of something brighter? >.< sorry this makes no sense.