Yeah we only love Loki for his looks.

It’s not that Tom Hiddleston’s acting is so painfully fucking amazing and heart wrenching that we feel his anguish to the point of being physically ill.

Jesus, just look at these. 

I have felt this. I have been here. 

This man is the best actor of his generation, hands down.  I am floored. 

It’s no wonder he seemed depressed right after filming this. 

I don’t know NEARLY enough about Loki to meta about him,but I will say this.

I think, that we’ve ALL been there. We’ve all been in a position where all we want is to be accepted by the people who love us. The people we love. We try so hard to be exactly what they want us to be,be it the scholar,the sports star,the honours student. What ever the fuck. And when we’ve reached that potential, we get told. “Well. Should’ve tried harder’

We’ve all been pushed to the side for not being good enough,mocked for being different. Climbed and climbed and scaled every wall possible in order to get SOME SEMBLENCE of recognition and still,that’s not good enough.

The outcast,the black sheep. We’ve all made mistakes and felt like our world was crashing down around us because of it.

We’ve all hit rock bottom like this. Made so painfully aware of our own flaws and the mess we’ve found ourselves in that no matter how hard you try,everything finally bursts forward and the only thing you can do is stand there and scream until your hoarse.

And then sometimes,even that’s not enough.

Loki isn’t just  a goddamned pretty face.

He’s almost relatable. At least,at moments like this he sure is. Maybe not in a grand scheme,but he is in the feeling of general worthleness and despair,at any rate.

And Tom portrays that perfectly. That bone breaking knuckles bared full out rock bottom exhaustion.

But no,were all only in it for the looks. 

People like you Icy,have said things just like this far better than I have. but. Yeah.

You did just meta, and it was so good that it made me cry. All of this. Exactly this.  

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