What was it like auditioning with David?
“It was a top secret mission. We couldn’t audition at the studios because nobody knew that I was up for the role, so I auditioned with David in the producer’s flat in Cardiff – there was a tiny camera set up in the front room. What surprised me how welcoming everyone was – when I got the part, I expected there to be some kind of baptism of fire, that I’d have to earn my way into the Who family. But from day one, they made me feel at home.”

Did David give you any tips?
“He was amazingly supportive. The night before the screen test he left a note at the hotel where I was staying, wishing me luck and apologising for the secrecy. I’d only met him once before but when I arrived he gave me a big hug and said I was going to be brilliant. I thank him for making me so comfortable because it settled my nerves. Without that, things could have been very different.”-Freema Agyeman(x)

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