Again, yes yes YES.

Like yesterday’s reblog from Levaded about writing what you want to see in your fandom (rather than wishing or complaining that no one else will write your vision), we make this fandom what we want it to be.

Here’s something I hear sometimes as a website owner:

Hi, Dawn,

I just wanted you to know why I’m deleting all of my stories from your site. It’s nothing personal. It’s just that I’m not getting any comments, so I don’t feel like it’s a good place for my work.

At which point I go onto this person’s profile to see what they’ve been doing besides posting stories and almost always am intrigued to see that they don’t comment on other people’s work either.

I can’t say enough that we build this fandom. No one else. Just us. It is what we make it. If we want to make it a place that supports writers, then we support each other by commenting on each other’s work, by offering help with betas or research, by reccing or squeeing like crazy over authors and stories we love. When we read stories and can’t even bother to type out fourteen words, “I really enjoyed this. I loved your ___ and ___. Thanks for sharing this!” then we make this a fandom that does not support writers. That answers art and beauty with silence. We do that.

So go forth and build something! I challenge everyone who reads this to leave a comment—no matter how small—on a story or for an author you enjoy. Most of us are here because we find magic and power in language. Never doubt that even a few words can’t make a tremendous difference to the person on the other side.

Now I have a comment to write. 🙂

Ahhh ; A; 

Posts like this make me admire you even more~♥


*challenge accepted*

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