I think its so cool that you are writing a book! I’ve always wanted to do that, and I had started but a freak accident lost everything I had written. Whats your book about? I’m okay, I had to work today too and it was awful haha. I don’t have xkit, but then again i think you are one of the first people i’ve ever spoken to on here haha.

Hey I lost everything I wrote before I turned 18, so I understand. It’s essentially a road trip book, about two friends, just after the world has ended, and the dangers they encounter while trying to find a safe haven. I really wrote it about ten years ago, I finally just decided to self publish. And don’t worry, I’m very friendly 🙂


wwc – Favorite two characters (not Doctors or Companions) in six gifs each

     ↳   [2/2] Wilfred Mott